The 10 Best Under Desk Footrest For Your Working Life in 2022

Whether you work at home or in the office, having the right workplace has a direct impact on productivity. The use of modern tools and ergonomic principles helps to create a more comfortable working space and increase your efficiency. One of these elements is a footrest, the useful characteristics and the best under desk footrest will be discussed in the article.

What are under desk footrests ?

The device has the form of a support platform, adjustable in height and angle. In modern models, you can give support to the required position without being distracted from the work process. Thanks to a special spring, the platform height is fixed by the pressure of the legs. Some types of supports are equipped with:

  • Heating systems
  • Ventilation
  • Massage inserts

These qualities relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation. The uncomplicated, but very effective design of the stand helps to give the body a comfortable working posture and prevent quick fatigability.

Various types of metal, plastic, wood are used for the manufacture of devices. The metal base guarantees the durability and resistance of the support to loads, while wood products are perfect for an eco-style interior, especially in a home environment. Regardless of the choice of material, the surface of the base must be anti-slip to ensure the stability of the structure on the floor.

Who needs a footrest and when ?

First of all, a platform under your feet is necessary if the desk and chair are too high, and there is no way to reduce their height. In this case, installing an adjustable stand will help equalize the difference in distance between the feet and the floor.

Multifunctional coasters are a great problem solution not only for office workers who spend most of their day at their desks. Their use is recommended for children and people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Another common use of foot platforms is in the beauty industry, and they are very much in demand in beauty salons.

Health effects

If you spend a lot of time at your computer desk, you will definitely need a quality footrest! During prolonged sitting, the spine of a person experiences prolonged static loads, which cannot but affect his condition. Incorrect body position can cause the following unpleasant symptoms:

  • Muscle leakage due to impaired blood circulation;
  • Pain in the joints of the legs and hands;
  • Discomfort in the back and neck.

Failure to take steps to properly organize the workplace is a direct path to serious health problems. At the same time, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system are not the only problem that can arise due to prolonged improper sitting. Violation of the working posture can cause difficulty in the lungs, as the body receives an insufficient amount of oxygen. According to doctors, maintaining good posture is impossible without the correct position of the legs in a sitting position.

Top 10 best under desk footrests

Unilux Nymphea Ergonomic Footrest (100340822)

This black and gray plastic footrest is height adjustable. This is what makes its value for money such a great and favorite product for many buyers. Indeed, many inexpensive products only offer fixed heights.

Its dimensions are 32 cm wide and 42 cm long. It’s completely plastic, and there are gray areas at the top that serve as a non-slip surface to keep your feet firmly in place.

Likewise, there are non-slip pads underneath, so the manufacturer claims the stand is suitable for all surfaces. However, it only weighs a kilogram and is too easy to accidentally move with your foot, especially on a tiled floor.

To improve blood circulation, it is constantly tilted in the reverse order at an angle of 0 to 20 In addition, the height can be adjusted using three fixed heights.

It can be installed at a height of 8, 14, or 20 cm from the ground. It helps to relieve pressure on the hips and buttocks and therefore to adopt a better posture at the desk (at work or home). The benefits are felt all over the body, from the ankles to the neck.

  • 3 heights;
  • Tilt from 0 to 20
  • Non-slip surface;
  • Five storage compartments
  • For daily use
  • Very light.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.


The extremely simple AmazonBasics footrest is an inexpensive model that helps relieve tension in your legs. This is an all-plastic footrest. The textured surface of the upper helps relieve stress during the massage and prevents feet from slipping. There are some balls on the underside of the product to prevent slipping on the floor, both on hard floors and carpeted floors. Therefore, it is very stable on the ground and is a very visible element.

Folding top. In a horizontal position, it can be raised 10 cm. Inclined, the highest part is 12 cm, and the lowest is 3 cm from the ground. On the other hand, it is a permanent and non-blocking swing.

As soon as you move your legs, the footrest moves as well. For some people who like to relocate, this is very enjoyable. It may even help some children concentrate while doing homework.

On the other hand, other people will feel stressed and this can increase the tension in the legs. So choose really considering your habits and how you feel.

The whole product weighs 2.3 kg. It is really robust and especially easy to maintain. On the other hand, it is not very aesthetically pleasing.


  • Easy to clean;
  • Swing platform;
  • Textured surface;
  • Strong.


  • Tilt without fixing.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.

NAVARIS 43040.01

The all-black Navaris footrest allows you to choose the height that suits you best before first use. Thus, it can be installed at a height of 10, 13.5, or 16 cm from the ground.

This will allow you to sit more comfortably in front of the table and the chair while maintaining a posture that respects your back. By simply changing the position of the legs, the whole body will be relieved.

The size of the tray is 35 x 28.5 cm, which is not very large and therefore not suitable for everyone. It is covered with round pimples with massaging movements. At first, it feels good and relieves stress. But ultimately it also helps to prevent the feet from slipping.

The set is made of durable plastic, easy to clean. The footrest can be placed on any floor as it has non-slip pads underneath. It weighs 2.1kg which helps keep it in place.

Finally, the tray is equipped with a stepless tilt system. The maximum angle is 25 The movement is constant to provide flexibility to the ankles. And since the movement is quite smooth, it is possible that when you are focused, movement will not bother you. The main goal is not to strain, but to give more freedom to your legs.


  • 3 fixed heights;
  • Tilt-up to 25
  • Foot massage;
  • Anti-slip pad.


  • The width is a little small.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.


Eureka offers a metal footrest that takes care of your posture and ankles as well as the condition of your floor. In fact, it is an almost entirely metallic product. But on the feet, there is rubber protection. This prevents scratches and prevents the footrest from sliding off as soon as you change your position on the seat.

It can be placed on all floors, including parquet, although it is always best to provide a rug under the table and the chair when parquet is available.

Like many other models available, it has a constant slope. On the other hand, here it is distinguished by the possibility of tilting forward or backward. This creates a 20 angle with an opening under the toes or under the heels.

In addition to sitting better in the chair, you avoid ankle stiffness and, as a result, damage to them. It is not possible to lock the tilt and therefore fix the footrest. As soon as you move, it moves with you.

The size of the tray is 30×39 cm, the size will suit the vast majority of people. The flat top is 8.4 cm high and the top edge (when tilted) can be lifted to 13.2 cm. It weighs 2.1 kg and is robust. This is a completely trustworthy product.


  • Large tray;
  • Switches in both directions;
  • Soil protection;
  • Textured surface.


  • Standing rocker.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.


Here is a heated and ventilated footrest, perfect for offices that are too hot in summer and too cool in winter. In addition, ventilation relieves the condition of some people who often have heavy legs. Therefore, it is equipped with a power cord for connecting to the mains and a switch. Two powers are available for heating.

The top is rounded. It is 41.5 cm long and 24.6 cm wide. The width seems small compared to competing models, but the shape changes the way you position it and therefore should suit most people. The maximum height is 15 cm, but there are two heights to choose from. This is a fixed footrest.

Massage balls cover the tray to reduce stress. Legs wedge easily. On the other hand, this product weighs only 1.4 kg and does not have a very good ground grip. It is much better to use it on a carpet.

On the other hand, it is easy to clean but needs to be handled with care because plastic is not heavy-duty. If we decided to include it in this selection, it is primarily because of the rather unique heating option, and not because of its long-term stability.


  • Rounded top
  • Breath of fresh air
  • Diffused heat
  • Two heights to choose from
  • Massage balls.


  • Poor quality plastic.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.


The Kensington footrest has a really large pallet. It is 45 cm long and 35 cm wide (at its largest), or 5 cm more on one side than many competing products. This makes it easy to install without having to check if the legs will protrude. It has more than just a rectangular shape, so it seems that each leg has a planned arrangement.

This model has a non-slip coating, that is, it is made of plastic with light pins. Therefore, it is designed for use with shoes so that it is easy to clean and does not slip. Care is carried out in the same way as for the floor, using a vacuum cleaner and a mop. This model is also available with a foam cover for people who prefer to work with bare feet. This is a more delicate treatment, but the function is the same.

The tray may tip over. There are two tilt heights, the largest of which has a 20 angle. The tilt can be partially locked because, as soon as you move a little, the footrest tilts. For most users, however, the reviews are positive because it doesn’t break concentration. The position of the body is taken more naturally, without any effort.


  • 2 tilt heights
  • Light product
  • Non-slip coating
  • Large tray
  • Available with a soft finish.


  • Not completely locked.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.

Navaris 43039

This Navaris footrest is a very simple and inexpensive reference, easy to use, no adjustment required, and easy to maintain. The size of the tray is 44.8 x 33.5 cm, it is small and primarily suitable for small sizes. It can be set completely level or tilted up to 15 this is a tilt that is achieved by the pressure of the legs and therefore without fixation.

This makes it easy to change position. In the horizontal position, the height is approximately 7.5 cm. With the maximum inclination, the maximum height is 11 cm. The footrest is made entirely of dark gray plastic. So it’s easy to clean and just vacuum clean. Non-slip studs included. This avoids slippery feet.


  • Tilt-up to 15
  • Compact;
  • Non-slip coating.


  • Missing commit.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.

Kensington SoleSaver 56152

Here is a solution to have a fixed footrest. Indeed, this Kensington product offers 3 tilt angles, 10, 15, or 20 and the adjustment is done under the device (not by pressing with your feet). Thus, it does not move after you have selected a level.

The set is durable, although made of plastic. The size of the tray is 45×35 cm. It does not slip thanks to the embossed lines. Height can be no more than 13 cm. It is especially light (slightly less than a kilogram). The direct consequence is not optimal grip. Therefore, this footrest is best used on carpets or carpets.


  • Good angles of inclination
  • Tilt lock
  • Quite durable material.


  • Unstable position on the floor.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.

Urbo UR-EF1X1

The Urbo UR-EF1X1 footrest is aesthetic and practical. It can be positioned in two directions. It is in the shape of a half-cylinder and you can put it on the ground. This allows you to raise your feet motionlessly by 10 cm. The idea is to get a better position in your chair.

Or we can put the rounded side on the ground and place the feet flat. Thus, we have a footrest in constant motion to relieve tension and soften the ankles. Total length 43 cm, weight 0.6 kg.


  • Great design
  • Convenient cylinder shape
  • Allows you to take the most comfortable position in the chair.


  • Very light.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.

Kensington SoleMate 56145

This 45×35 cm top footrest is one of the largest models, really comfortable. It has a textured finish that allows it to be non-slip and hold your feet securely, even at a maximum incline.

It is possible to change the angle on the front side of the product up to 20 A kind of central lock, which can be manipulated with the foot, allows you to stay in a certain position.

It is a rather heavy product, 3 kg, which gives it good stability on the ground. It remains where we put it, no matter how we change the position. By using it with ease, you can release tension in your legs and back.


  • Heavy, has good stability
  • Large product area
  • Possibility to manipulate the lock using the foot.


  • High price.

For a more detailed study of the product, visit the Amazon website. There you can find up-to-date reviews and prices.

Choosing the right footrest

When choosing a stand model, several factors should be considered that affect the comfort and convenience of the user:

  • The supporting parts of the fixture should be made of a strong material that can support your weight and the loads you move your legs under the table.
  • The weight of the support depends on how stable it will be on the floor; a model that is too light will simply slip out from under your feet. The feet should be firmly supported, both in a relaxed and tense state.
  • The presence of a non-slip base or nozzles on the legs will ensure complete immobility of the platform and protect the floor from scratches and traces of abrasion. You also need to pay attention to the fact that the upper part of the platform also has a non-slip surface.
  • Some models have a multi-level surface, which allows you to change the position of the body and the position of the legs during operation.
  • Equipping the fixture with a tilt adjuster greatly increases its efficiency. The mechanism is designed to set the platform at a certain angle.

Keeping the knees bent in the correct angle while sitting is especially recommended for people below average height and anyone who likes to work, leaning back in a chair. In this position, the center of gravity shifts, and the edge of the chair can squeeze the popliteal region of the legs, which can cause impaired blood circulation. Adjusting the tilt angle of the base of the stand helps to establish the optimal position of the ankle, knee, and hip joints, as well as reduce stress on the lower spine.


Why use a footrest in the workplace?

To have a good posture, you usually need to adjust your chair so that the seat is just below your knees. The only problem with this setting is that you might be too high or too low compared to the tabletop.

A footrest allows you to stand firmly with both feet on the ground with your elbows at right angles in front of the table. This reduces stress on the legs and reduces poor posture that causes back pain. This is one of the ergonomic accessories that can be critical.

How to place an office footrest?

There is nothing difficult about installing a footrest. It should be placed directly in front of the chair under the table. To do this, you need to position yourself correctly from the desktop. That is, you will have to adjust the height of the chair and probably move the keyboard away from the edge of the desktop.

What are the benefits of a footrest?

The advantage of the footrest is that it allows you to take the correct posture even without an ergonomic table. All you need is a nice chair and an adjustable footrest.

By correctly placing the heels on a flat surface and at a 90 angle to the knees, the pressure on the hips is relieved. Then you can easily remain in this position for a long time.

We then adopt the best sitting posture that encourages you to hold onto the back of the seat correctly. The whole body benefits from it, from the knees to the neck.

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