Details About Armrest In a Comfortable Office Chair (20221)

Types of Armrest in an office chair

Recently, the demand for quality office chairs has been on the increase. This is due to an increase in the number of people in need of good and comfortable office chairs. Getting a good chair is mandatory. You spend a lot of timeĀ working in the office. Therefore, you need a comfortable seat.

A good office chair must have an armrest. Armrests are vital since they help reduce the strain on your shoulders and neck when you rest your arms. Resting your arms eases the tension on your shoulders.

What Features Does a Good Armrest Have?

armrest office chair

The armrest will determine how comfortable your chair is. A quality armrest is well-positioned. An armrest that is placed too high will cause tension on your shoulder and neck muscles.

On the other hand, an armrest that is placed too low will make you slouch while sitting. A slouching sitting position is harmful to your back and may affect your sitting or standing posture.

Benefits of Using an Armrest

There are various benefits associated with using an armrest. Here are a few examples.

1. Armrests help your back carry the weight of your arms and hands.

2. Armrests support our hands.

3. A good armrest protects your hands from straining.

4. A good armrest helps you optimize the use of your hands. You perform tasks more precisely and efficiently.

5. Armrests help promote good sitting posture. You tend to sit upright when you use a chair with an armrest.

6. They prevent your back from straining.

7. Armrests also help increase the longevity of the office chairs. When using an armrest, you apply less pressure on your seat.

8. Using armrests helps reduce stress on your lower limbs, especially when getting up from the chair.

9. Using an armrest lowers the risk of getting musculoskeletal disorders.

Disadvantages of Office Chair Armrests

Although office chair armrests are aimed at enhancing comfort, they can interfere with your work surface. Here are the disadvantages of the office chair armrest.

1. Poorly designed armrests can strain your posture

2. A poorly adjusted armrest may cause you to strain while working. It is not a good experience working with arms raised higher than the rest of your body.

3. Office chairs with armrests take up a lot of space. A small office space may not be able to accommodate many office chairs. Some employees will have to make do with regular desk chairs.

4. You are at risk of developing neck and shoulder aches if you use an office chair with poorly adjusted armrests

5. You may lack enough body support if your armrest is raised too low. This will make you slouch.

6. You may develop a bad habit of hunching your shoulders due to constantly using the armrest.

7. Some armrests make it hard for you to reach your office desk. You may find it challenging to reach for items on the desk such as a keyboard and telephone without stretching and reaching out.

Types of Office Chair Armrests

Once you understand the benefits of using armrests, your next step should be to purchase an office chair with an armrest. However, before you make a purchase, you need to know the various types of armrests.

Armrests can be adjustable or non-adjustable.

Listed below is a list of the types of armrests.

Fixed armrests/Basic armrest

Types of armrest chair - fixed

Office chairs with fixed armrests are common. Additionally, they are cheap and readily available. These chairs are usually fixed in height and cannot be adjusted. They are not an excellent ergonomic option for chairs.

People who use office chairs with fixed armrests frequently complain of neck pain and backaches. This is because these chairs’ armrests cannot be adjusted to the correct height of your body.

Nonetheless, chairs with fixed armrests are best for waiting rooms and conference rooms. People always use these rooms for short periods, and most don’t need ergonomic chairs.

Height adjustable armrest

This type of armrest is also trendy. As the name suggests, these armrests can be adjusted according to your height.

The armrest can be adjusted using a trigger or a button mechanism. To adjust the armrest, you push the button while moving the armrest down or up to your desired position. To get a perfect position, ensure that you relax your shoulders and that your arms are well supported.

Lateral adjustment armrests

Ergonomic advancement has led to the emergence of lateral adjustment armrests. With this type of armrest, you can adjust both the height and the width simultaneously. They are also called pivot and width adjustable armrests.

Depending on your comfort levels, you can tilt this armrest outwards and inwards till you get your desired position. Additionally, these types of adjustments are the best to prevent back problems such as Kyphosis.

Multi-function armrest

This type of armrest is highly adjustable. You can adjust this armrest in both height and width. In addition to this, the arm pad can pivot. Office chairs with such kinds of armrests are suitable for short individuals.

You will also enjoy this armrest if you are a frequent computer user. This is because the arm pad has an independent pivoting that allows you to make sideway arm postures. Your arm will be fully supported when holding a mouse.

How to Correctly Use Armrests

Correctly Use Armrests

Do you have headaches and muscle pain after a long day in the office? This may happen despite having a very comfortable office chair with a state-of-the-art armrest. To explain this, you might be sitting wrongly. Posture is key when sitting. Read on to learn how to use an armrest.

1. Relax your shoulders

The easiest way to do this is by sitting upright and letting your arms hang loosely by your side. Breathe in and out deeply and try to relax.

2. Elbows

Bend your elbows at a right angle (90 degrees)

3. Height of the armrest

Keep adjusting the armrest until you can touch them with your elbows.

4. Forearm support

Always remember to support your forearms and not your elbows. If you lean on your elbows, your body will lean on one side, and you will appear to slouch. Avoid putting weight on your elbow joint. Your elbows should rest on the gap left between the armrest and the back of the office chair.

5. Do not rest your arms all the time

Resist the urge to rest your arms on the armrest constantly. Remember that sitting for long periods is not healthy. Take breaks in between and stretch or go for a walk.

In conclusion, although office chairs with armrests provide much-needed comfort while working, they are not healthy options. To stay healthy, try to remain active while working. A lot of diseases are associated with sedentary lifestyles.

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