Details About Magnetic Drawing Board

A magnetic drawing board is also referred to as a Magna doodle, comprising a
couple of magnet shapes, a magnetic stylus, and a drawing board. It was invented
back in 1974 and has since been made in different variations, product names, and
brands. Simply put, a magnetic drawing board is a drawing board for kids.

Essentially, it is a white screen, which comes with a specific ‘pen’ that you will use
to draw on the screen. The pen leaves a dark line when you use it on the screen,
and usually, on the bottom of the screen is a button that can be slid back and forth,
which instantly erases the screen.

If you are a parent, consider getting a drawing board for kids for your little ones.
The best part is that they can practice how to write and doodle without making a
mess. You no longer have to worry about paint or ink spills, and the pen is
straightforward to use. Whether one applies minimum pressure or a lot of pressure,
the pen makes the same kind of lines, and if that is not enough, if your child uses it
on the wall, it does not leave any marks since the pen’s tip is blunt.

How a Magnetic Drawing Board Works

With the fundamentals of this drawing board covered, it is worth noting that there
are multiple types of drawing boards. Before we get into how this drawing board
works, below is a description of the parts that make it up.

  • The board consists of two plastic sheets that are laid on top of each other. The plastic sheet on top makes up the surface or screen that the pen is often in contact with when one draws on it. It is translucent.
  • Acting as a separator between the two plastic sheets is a honeycomb lattice. When you closely look at the screen, you will notice the honeycomb. Its main aim is to divide the inside between the plastic sheets into cells and ensuring the plastic sheets are spaced at a similar thickness.
  • There is an opaque white liquid inside the cells between the sheets. This liquid is usually combined with iron oxide that is made up of extremely fine black magnetic particles.
  • Below the screen is the slider attached to a long magnet behind the surface that erases the drawings.
  • It comes with a stylus or pen with a magnetic tip, which you use to write or doodle.

As aforementioned, your pen’s blunt front tip is magnetic. Therefore, when this magnet is applied on the drawing board’s screen, it pulls the aforementioned magnetic particles via the liquid to the board’s surface. They appear as visible black lines. Since the liquid is thick, and because both the liquid and particles have been matched to possess the same density, the magnets cannot sink back into the liquid. As mentioned earlier, below the screen is a slider used to erase anything drawn on the screen.

This works because when you slide the button to erase the drawing, the button pushes a long magnet across the screen’s back, which pulls all the magnetic
particles to the back of the screen so that the white liquid covers them. This means
everything on the screen will be erased, and the screen gets back to being blank.
The board has a plastic case that holds everything. The plastic case comprises two
parts, a front piece and a raised back piece. The front part usually offers a flat
surface that holds the screen you draw on and has a slot that holds the magnetic
pen. If your drawing board is a travel one, the drawing board will have a handle at
the top part.
The raised back piece also has a flat surface to ensure the display is held in place
and also to allow the magnetic eraser to smoothly and evenly slide across the back
of the board. A groove is also molded in the back, allowing the magnetic eraser to
slide through.

Types of Drawing Board

There are multiple types of drawing boards you can choose from based on what you
would like to use the board for. These boards are pretty versatile and an essential
tool for a child. They can create pictures, learn about shapes, practice math, or
even play tic-tac-toe.
As aforementioned, there are several brands of magnetic boards you can choose
from, and it is worth noting that not all magnetic boards are similar. Therefore, it
would be best to do some research and determine the best board for your child.
Some of the factors you can consider are your child’s age, budget, features, size,
material, and weight. Listed below are some magnetic boards.

Drawing Boards for Toddlers

Drawing boards for toddlers are not that much different from conventional drawing
boards. The difference is their frames are usually very bright, and the handles are
designed to fit in their little hands. Some may come with at least three stamps, and
they typically have different color zones, meaning the drawings are colored.

Drawing Board Table

The drawing board table is quite versatile. The table’s legs can be extended,
meaning your child can comfortably use it while sitting on the floor, especially when
they are still young. Alternatively, you can always fold the table’s legs and use the
board like a conventional drawing board. You could also only extend two of the
board’s table legs and have it balance at a certain angle on your table.

Electronic Drawing Boards

You can always select the electronic drawing boards. In most cases, these kinds of
boards usually have a smaller electronic screen on top of the drawing area,
displaying animations by drawing numbers and letters. This is a simple way for your
child to learn how to write letters appropriately.
Even better is that it can teach them both lower case and upper case letters, and
most of them also have music that can play in the background as the child writes.
You can also easily customize the board to functions like teaching your child to
write their name.

Multi-color Drawing Boards

Other than the conventional drawing boards that usually show the drawing in black,
there are multicolor drawing boards. These boards are generally separated into
different zones of color, with the most common ones being yellow, red, green, and
blue. Some may even come with shape stamps. These are usually the best options
for toddlers and kids. You can stick to the conventional black drawing for learning
A drawing board for kids is an excellent way to keep your child occupied, and they
are pretty affordable. Your child gets unlimited time to work on their artistic side,
and they can also start practicing writing letters and numbers. It is an excellent
way for you to spend time with them, teaching them since you can easily erase
things and start over. If you are worried about keeping some good drawings, you
can always take a picture before you erase the board.

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