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Organizing a living room can be quite daunting, especially if you love to throw items anyhow. You can have a bigger storage space that holds nearly everything but again presents a challenge if you want quick access to your remote controls. The hassle of digging through tens of items looking for a single remote is stressful. Moreover, you can’t leave the remote controls on the table due to spillages that can lead to malfunctioning.

Fortunately, you can use a compact remote control holder to keep all your essential items in a organized space. Most of the products featuring in our review list are of high quality and add decor to your living space. Most importantly, they have relatively affordable price tags to meet your budget needs and help you create an organized space without breaking the bank. We also highlighted buying considerations to help you with the selection process.

Comparison Table

 1. Connected Essentials Remote Control Holder


Connected Essentials Remote control Holder made it to the top of our review list thanks to its unique, luxurious finishing. The high-quality leather construction material enhances durability and longevity, even when living in a dusty area. The product’s shape and design are irresistibly beautiful to complement your office or living room décor. 

Features and Benefits

• Color Variety: An outstanding feature about this model is the color variety, where you can choose from black, white, grey, beige, or brown. Thus, you’ll always get an option that matches your taste, style, and aesthetic preferences.

 â€¢ Spacious Compartments: Living room organization entails more than just putting remote controls together. This product comes with five spacious compartments to hold other items, such as remote control accessories (batteries) and car keys.

 â€¢ Compact Size and Design: This product has a dimension of about 68 x 120 mm. This size is perfect to fit on your table without creating unnecessary distractions.

  • Sturdy leather construction for longevity
  • Luxurious interior suede finishing
  • Aesthetically pleasing design to complement your decor
  • Five storage compartments
  • It can hold heavy remote controls
  • It can only hold differently sized remote controls
  • You cannot mount it on the wall
  • It doesn’t ship on the same day

Our Verdict 

 Connected Essentials Remote Control Holder has nearly all features you might want in a product that justifies its price tag. Whether it’s quality, durability, or functionality, this product has it all. 

 2. MDSTOP Sofa Couch Chair Armrest Organizer


MDSTOP Sofa Couch Chair Armrest Organizer made it to our review list because of its endless applications. You can use the spacious pockets to hold your essentials such as newspapers, iPads, magazines, and mobile phones, besides remote controls. 

Features and Benefits

• Multiple Applications: Can you imagine an organization box that allows you to enjoy your hot and cold beverages without using the table? This product has a wooden, eco-friendly tray in the middle to hold your cups. This tray is detachable, and you can quickly remove it for separate use. 

 â€¢ Quick Installation Process: This brand comes with a wrap-around cover that quickly sticks to your sofa’s armrest. Forget about remote control stand that require screws or adhesive chemicals to stick to the walls. 

 â€¢ High-Quality Construction Material: The exterior finishing features a non-woven, waterproof pongee to protect your remote controls from spillages. This product will last long enough to outshine its lifespan and surpass your expectations.

  • Middle tray for cup storage
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Generous storage space for multiple applications
  • Made for longevity and durability
  • It is relatively affordable
  • It slips and doesn’t stay in the installed position
  • It may not be ideal for heavier items
  • It won’t hold beverages in position

Our Verdict

 MDSTOP organizer is a relatively high-quality product that will match your storage needs and expectations. Even so, it will help if you attach it to a sizeable armrest to minimize slipping. 

 3. TotalMount Universal Remote Holders

 Sometimes you already have too much occupying your living space that you can’t imagine additional items on the table or the sofa’s armrest. TotalMount Universal Remote Holder made it to our review list thanks to its wall-mount design. You can install this product next to your television for quick reach. Moreover, no one will fail to notice the organizer in this position, even first-time visitors.

Features and Benefits

• Sturdy Plastic Construction: This feature comes with a highly durable plastic construction material resistant to breaks, scratches, and staining. Thus, you’re looking at a product that will remain in pristine condition until you decide it’s time to switch models. 

 â€¢ Simple Installation Process: When you hear about wall mounting, drilling is the first thing that rings in your mind. You don’t need to drill any walls to set up this product in your living room. Wipe the wall to eliminate dirt and moisture, and paste this organization on the surface. Even so, it still comes with screws if you prefer a sturdy, long-term installation. 

 â€¢ Flexible Applications: Any homeowner’s goal of buying a remote holder includes promoting organization. However, applications may vary. This product adheres to nearly every surface in your home, whether it’s the bedside drawer or study room desk. 

  • Quick installation process
  • Adheres to wood and concrete walls
  • Super adhesive for heavier remote controls
  • It enhances convenience and organization
  • Twin holders for multiple applications
  • Adhesive installation may not last for long
  • The plastic construction material isn’t aesthetically pleasing
  • A relatively expensive price tag for its features

Our Verdict

 TotalMount Universal Remote Holders will make a good bet if you’re after a sizeable organizational space instead of quality. This product will serve you well with lighter remote controls. 

 4. 360 Degree Spinning Desk Organizer for Remote Controllers 

 This storage caddy is one of the most functional in our review list. The storage compartments can rotate up to 360°, making it possible to access your remote controls from any location. For instance, you don’t have to stand up to pick a remote control placed on your opposite side as you can easily spin the organizer to bring the items to your position. 

Features and Benefits

• Premium PU Leather Construction: This product features a high-quality, textured leather finishing on the exterior. This guarantees a product that will last for years with fewer maintenance and cleaning needs.

 â€¢ Five Storage Compartments: How much can you store in five spacious compartments? This brand gives you ample storage space for quickly accessing your accessories. It eliminates the hassle of looking for items after you misplace them.

 â€¢ Compact, Lightweight Design: This product measures six inches in height, eight inches in width, and 7.5 inches in height. It will quickly fit in smaller living rooms without consuming additional space. Moreover, it is highly portable, and you can carry it to multiple rooms. 

  • Five storage compartments
  • High-quality PU leather finishing
  • Highly portable for multiple applications
  • Stylish to complement other living room decor
  • 360° rotation
  • It is relatively costly
  • It may not be ideal for heavy accessories
  • Available in black color only

Our Verdict

 This product makes the only model in our review list that can rotate 360° for convenience. Thus, it makes the best bet if you want an organizer that gives you access to your remote controls and accessories from whichever position. 

 5. Yariew PU Leather Remote Control Holder 

 If you have at least three remotes, Yariew PU Leather Remote Control holder sounds like the best bet, especially for office use. Each compartment has different heights to enhance convenience. You can even use the extra space to organize your office pens and frequently used items like car keys or even business cards. 

Features and Benefits

• High-Quality Leather Construction: The brown faux leather is sturdy and exudes a luxury ambiance to compliment your hardwood furniture. Besides promoting organization in your office and living room, this product makes a statement about your style and taste for fine things.

 â€¢ Multifunctional Home Organizer: The big storage space and aesthetically pleasing finishing make this product ideal for multiple uses. Besides using it next to your sofa armrest, you can use this product in the bedroom, dining table, or even vanity room.

 â€¢ Compact Size: This product comes in a 5.2 inches height, 6.3 inches length, and 5.2 inches width. Thus, you can quickly add it to any spot in your living room or office without creating a distraction. 

  • It has a 360-degree convenience spinning wheel
  • Aesthetically pleasing for elegance
  • Faux brown leather for durability
  • Additional Organization Space
  • 360° rotation
  • Available in one color only
  • The spinning wheel may not function if the items are heavy
  • It is relatively costly

Our Verdict

 Generally, you’re looking at a product that will serve you well in terms of organization and durability to reflect your money’s value. Even though the price tag is relatively high, this brand has everything you want in a remote organizer. 

 6. SITHON Remote Caddy Desktop Organizer 

 SITHON Remote Caddy Desktop Organizer is a go-to option if you want to keep your remote control and other accessories such as luxury watches within quick reach. This product is ideal if you want to save time and space. It is compact to fit anywhere, whether on the living room’s table or office desks.

Features and Benefits

• Multifunctional Storage Space: You’ll have up to five spacious storage compartments to hold as many items as you want other than the remote controls. You quickly slip in your makeup brushes, glasses, stationery, and cellular gadgets. 

 â€¢ Unique, high-Quality Design: You’re looking at a classic design crafted with premium PU leather that guarantees its longevity and durability. This product will last long enough. It attracts low maintenance needs to give back your investment’s value. 

 â€¢ Widely Application: You don’t have to use this remote organizer n your living room or office space. As noted, it comes with a high-quality leather finishing that makes it a perfect gift option for your female friends. 

  • Five spacious storage spaces
  • Premium PU, textured leather finishing
  • A perfect gift for your friends
  • Lightweight and compact size for convenience
  • Built for longevity and durability
  • It is relatively costly
  • Limited color and size options
  • It doesn’t support wall mounting

Our Verdict

 Even though this product comes at a relatively expensive price tag, it has unique features and qualities that make up for that. It will be a good choice if you want a highly portable organization box to serve you in multiple rooms. 

 7. Waterproof Sofa Couch Chair Armrest Organizer 

 You’d want to buy a remote control holder to avoid spilling drinking water or coffee on the keypads. Some remote controls are hard to repair, and you may have to buy a new one if it drenches in water. Waterproof Sofa Couch Chair Armrest Organizer prevents liquids from reaching your remote control. 

Features and Benefits

• Functional for Small Spaces: This product’s application requires you to wrap it around your sofa’s armrest. It fits into your living room without consuming additional space. Moreover, it comes in a standard size, making it easily attachable to office chairs and other furniture.

 â€¢ Generous Space for Organization: You’ll have up to five sizeable side pockets to hold more than your remote controls. You can quickly slide in pens, notebooks, tablets, or even mobile phones. The outer pouch can hold sizeable books and magazines.

 â€¢ Quick Installation Process: As noted, this product doesn’t require any assembly or a complex installation process. Get it from the package, wrap it around your armrest as it is, and you’re good to go.

  • Multifunctional remote control caddy
  • High-quality design for durability
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Install it in ant room, including dormitories
  • It is relatively affordable
  • It doesn’t ship on the same day
  • It may not be convenient as it doesn’t stay in place
  • Limited color options

Our Verdict

 This product is generally reliable if you want to achieve perfect organization without spending much. However, it will help if you have a sizeable armrest to keep it in position once installed. 

 8. YAPISHI PU Leather Remote Caddy 

 YAPISHI PU Leather Remote Candy makes one of the relatively affordable options on our review list. This product is a go-to option if you want a multifunctional remote organizer that quickly blends with your living room or office décor without creating a distraction. Its compact size makes it ideal even where space is a concern. 

Features and Benefits

• Five Slots Storage Spaces: What could you do with up to five storage spaces? This product gives you enough space to hold all your remote controls, whether it’s for the TV, DVD player, home theater, or gaming console. You can even store your living room essentials. 

ʉۢ Multiple Applications: Who said you only need organization in the living room? Carry this storage box to your office for supplies organization. This may include pens and car keys. You can even use it as an award for hard-working employees.

ʉۢ A Decorative Station: Take advantage of the PU textured leather to add a decorative piece to your living room. It exudes a luxury ambiance that speaks of your class and taste for fine things in life.

  • It is relatively affordable
  • High-quality, textured PU leather finishing
  • Multiple applications, including office desk
  • Five spacious storage compartments
  • Compact size for easy use
  • Misplaced colors when ordering
  • You cannot mount it on the wall
  • Limited variety in terms of size

Our Verdict

 This product is ideal if you want a simple organization that gives you quick access to your remote controls without digging through piles. We love the five spacious compartments because you can store more than just a handheld remote control. 

 9. Joywell Armchair Caddy Remote Organizer

 If you’re looking for a readily accessible remote control holder, you might want to consider Jowell Armchair Caddy Remote Organizer. Just like the name puts it, this product attaches itself to your sofa’s armchair such that you don’t have to leave your comfortable sitting position just to switch the channels. Most importantly, it looks beautiful and will complement your interior décor. 

Features and Benefits

• Easy Installation Process: This product comes with a unique design that allows you to wrap it around your sofa’s armrest without needing adhesive materials. Slip the organizer’s into the sofa seat and then wrap the flap to cover the armrest. 

ʉۢ Multifunctional Remote Organizers: This organizer comes with one extra-large pocket and four other sizeable pockets for remote controls and compact items like mobile phones. You can use the big space to hold your iPad and newspapers.

 â€¢ Durability and Longevity: The outside finishing features a selection of high-quality linen fabric resistant to dirt and stains. Thus, you’ll hardly need to clean the organizer but still enjoy an extended lifespan. 

  • Size variety for different needs
  • Large storage space for multiple uses
  • Premium construction material for longevity and durability
  • Quick installation process
  • Water-resistant surface
  • Limited installation applications
  • It may not be ideal for wooden chairs
  • It does not stay in a perfect position after installation

Our Verdict

 Joywell armchair caddy remote organizer allows you to have a neat room without spending much. The price tag is relatively affordable for its features. Go for this option if you want to organize your day’s newspaper together with the remote controls. 

 10. D.I.D Wooden Remote Control Caddy Organizer 

 Lastly, you might want to buy D.I.D Wooden Remote Control Caddy Organizer if you want an organized living room space without breaking the bank. This product features a handcrafted DIY wooden design to complement your hardwood furniture. The finishing surface is bare. Thus, you can add multiple colors and patterns to create your desired organizing box. 

Features and Benefits

ʉۢ Adjustable Storage Slots: This organizer comes with four adjustable slots that remain functional if you want to use it vertically or horizontally. This feature gives you enough room to hold multiple remote controls and other items like cell phones.

 â€¢ More Organization: You don’t have to place this product in your living room. It can quickly fit on the office desk or in the bedroom. Use it to store frequently used items such as makeup brushes and office supplies.

 â€¢ Relatively Affordable Price Tag: This product’s price is reasonable, given its versatile features. Besides the big storage space, it’s sturdy for longevity and durability. It will last to reflect your investment value. 

  • Four adjustable storage slots
  • DIY crafted design for uniqueness
  • Multifunctional remote caddy
  • Compact size
  • Sizeable storage capacity
  • Limited color variety
  • It is fairly sturdy
  • It is relatively expensive than the other options on our list

Our Verdict

 D.I.D Wooden Remote Control Organizer is a go-to option if you want simplicity but with a guaranteed organization. You don’t need any screws to mount this product on the wall as it quickly fits on your table or bedside drawer. 

The Bottom Line

 Living room organization highlights the aesthetic beauty of your house and portrays who you are. Remember, a first-time impression matters a lot, especially among close friends who get to visit your home for the first time. All the above remote organizers are of high quality and will give their value in the long haul. However, kindly note that each product or brand is unique and will serve you well in different scenarios. For instance, the most affordable option with plastic construction material will be ideal if you want a quick fix-it organization. Similarly, high-quality wooden organizers will be ideal if you prefer a unique taste and luxurious aesthetics. 

 Even with this buying guide, your ultimate choice is purely an aesthetic preference. Don’t forget to choose products that reflect your budget and application needs. You’d also want to buy from a brand that gives you variety if you love to play with colors. Say goodbye to a disorganized living room that tends to downplay your interior’s aesthetics.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Remote Control Holder

organize remote control

 Consider the following factors when buying a remote control organizer:


 Price is relative and varies from one brand or model to another. Even so, the price tag should reflect the value in the features that a product has. The higher the quality of a product, the more you’ll likely pay for it. 

 Construction Material

 High-quality construction material like textured leather guarantees the longevity and durability of your organizer. You want a material with fewer maintenance needs that you can quickly clean with a damp cloth. Watch out for waterproof material that will protect your remote controls from spillages. 


 Lastly, you would want to check the compartments of each product. The higher the number of compartments, the more storage space you’ll have for essentials. It will help if you consider differently sized compartments to store big items like iPads, newspapers, and magazines. 

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