PU Leather Explanation (2021)

If you are wondering what is PU (polyurethane leather) leather, then read on.

You should know that there are two kinds of leather: Genuine leather and Fake leather. Genuine leather is the kind of leather that is derived from animal skins or hides. It has very high quality and is much more expensive than its imitation counterpart.

pu leather

There are some types of PU leather. Before buying any leather product make sure you selecting the right leather. PU leather has some common name-

  • PU Leather
  • Reconstituted Leather
  • Split Leather
  • Bonded Leather
  • Bicast Leather
  • Corrected Grain Leather

There are some ways to identify genuine and fake leather. Let’s find it

Difference between fake and real PU leather.

The main characteristic that differentiates fake and real PU leather is the texture. Artificial leather is usually machine-made from a resin-based compound. The consistency of synthetic leather can vary greatly – it can be stiff, tacky, shiny, matte, crumbly, or waxy. The common way manufacturers test the texture of their merchandise is by putting it through a water test. If a water test indicates that the leather exhibits different qualities, the item is most likely a fake

Actually, there is a big difference and it is largely dependent on the way the product is manufactured. Bicast leather (bi-cast leather or bycast leather) is basically a cross between genuine leather and synthetic leather. Because of its synthetic structure, it cannot be considered as the real thing.

Another way to tell if a fake leather product is real is by looking at the way it feels. Because real leather reacts to different amounts of water and has natural oils that make it feel nice, most fake products do not have these naturally occurring oils. If a fake leather product is subject to water and then dried, it will begin to form a film on the surface. Once the drying process is complete, this film will most likely leave a very strong, unpleasant smell. It is possible to perform a water test with a water-detergent test kit to determine whether a given product has oil.

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