Small Desk Ideas and Tips for Your Bedrooms

In most homes, the bedroom is arguably a safe space where someone can go to relax and unwind after a long day. It is for this that you need to be creative about the space despite the limited space. However, in some cases, space may be too limited for your comfort. This makes it difficult to move around and even fit in everything you want. This article highlights some great ideas you can use to optimize the space and still leave extra room for movement. After that, you can then look at some amazing small desk designs you can add to complement your bedrooms decoration.

Tips for organizing your bedroom

There are various steps you can take to organize and maximize the available space in your bedroom. Here are a few to consider.

Keep things simple

Taking a minimalistic approach is a good way to start. In most cases, people tend to fill their bedroom with furniture that has little to no use and, in most cases, is disposed of. Keeping things simple is more than getting rid of unused furniture; it also means maximizing the ones you actually need in the room. An example is using your medium-sized drawer to store your shirt, undergarments, or even accessories and have it serve you as a nightstand.


A room filled with too much suffering is generally an eyesore and can make you feel suffocated. For this, you will need to develop creative ideas on how to get rid of too much clutter. You can either maximize the vertical space or get rid of what you don’t need through yard sales or donations.

Under the bed

This is also part of maximizing the space you have in your bedroom. The bed is the largest piece of furniture, covering most of the space in your bedroom. You need to get a bed with extra storage space and can be fitted with drawers. You can even get storage boxes you can fit under the bed; be sure to go for options with lids to keep your belongings clean and sorted.

Vertical storage

Maximizing vertical spaces is one of the best ways to free up floor spaces for other purposes. You can do this by fitting shelves or hanging organizers. You can as well attach hooks to your wardrobe or closet doors to provide extra storage.

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Small desks for your bedroom

With your bedroom’s floor space cleared, you can now focus on adding a few accessories that can complement your personality. One of which is a desk. Here are a few desk ideas you may want to consider.

Zachary ladder desk

This is one of the best options, especially when you are looking to save on space. This desk is a wall-mounted desk fitted with two upper shelves that can be repurposed for many things. It comes with a larger lower shelf that can be used for writing, or you can place your laptop. This desk is built to utilize the vertical space in your bedroom.

Thomaston Desk

Ade from manufactured wood, the Thomaston Desk is arguably a stylish and elegant addition to your bedroom.

Thomaston Desk with decoration

This desk can be used for various purposes and can also be used as a hallway table to display several ornaments and decorations. It is also designed with a sliding drawer to offer more storage space. It has a 300’H x 30” W X 20”D making it suitable for reading and writing. In some cases, you can use it to hold a beautiful flower vase or a fancy key bowl.

Amos Secretary Desk

This desk is nothing short of an elegant addition to your bedroom. It comes in four different finishes that are all easy on the eyes. Most dealers advertise it as a perfect fit for a teenager’s room, but it can also be used in an adult’s room to bring out a romantic vibe. It is made from manufactured wood; the desk is fitted with a storage drawer to keep your items such as jewelry and writing tools.

Syrna Ladder Desk

This is one of the best options for looking for functional desk ideas that you can use as an office. The desk is built to fit into a corner; this desk can serve you well when you have to make conference calls, take care of some paperwork, or work on a project. In addition, it is Built from manufactured wood, and the desk measures 70.75” H x 33.75” W x 15” D. It is also fitted with gray-wash veneers that mirror a bookcase and can also serve as a desk.

The two upper shelves can be used for varied purposes, from storing books to displaying ornaments and pictures, whereas the lower shelf has a built-in cubby and drawer you can use to store some personal effects.

Bowersville Ladder Writing Desk

This desk is designed to look like a ladder, making it a perfect addition to the decoration of your bedroom when looking for style and convenience. This desk is building using the same principle as other ladder desks, with the upper shelves being used for storage and display while the lower larger shelf providing workspace and extra storage space. However, the Bowersville offers an elegant espresso finish that can fit into various decors.

Rossville Floating Desk with Hutch

This one of the most efficient options when it comes to freeing up some space in your bedroom. The desk is designed to mirror a wall-mounted cupboard that can be expanded to form a desk and also features multiple shelves. Made from manufactured wood, the foldable desk is easy to mount.

Sadie Solid Wood Secretary Desk with Hutch

You can never go wrong with a Sadie in your bedroom. The desk is built using ash veneer, MDF, and solid wood and fitted with features that set it apart from its peers. This desk features multiple storage spaces, three open shelves, and five storage drawers with enough room to store your belongings.

Diego Ladder Desk

This is a creative design that incorporates both wood and metal to bring out an elegant finish. The metal parts feature a powdered steel coating to ensure durability. The two upper shelves are designed to support a maximum weight of 50 pounds, while the lower shelf is holding up to 100 pounds.

Hassen Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable desks are becoming popular since they can be easily adjusted to find the most convenient working position. This desk is made of manufactured wood with a metal base. This desk offers ample working space as well as storage on its two shelves. It is also fitted with wheels making it easy to move around when reorganizing your room.

Milian Desk

This desk is a perfect fit for tiny bedrooms decoration. Made from manufactured wood and metal, the desk is easy to assemble. The only downside is that is it doesn’t feature any shelves or drawers.

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