Things You Should Know About Foot Massager (2021)

What To Look For When Buying A Foot Massager 

Most people, when they go out to get a massage, always concentrate on their face, hands, and other parts of the body, forgetting about their feet. A foot massage is just as important as other body part massages and should also be taken more seriously. 

 There is a feeling of relaxation and therapy that comes with a good foot massage. Since your feet are connected to many parts of your body, getting a foot massage will have you feeling good in most of your body. For this reason, a home foot massager is needed. 

 Foot massagers have proven very popular among people of all ages, and their usage rate is increasing by the day. You don’t need to get a massage elsewhere; there are good and efficient foot massagers that will get the job done for you.

Things to consider before buying a foot massager

 If you’re looking to get one, here is your foot massager buying guide. Below are some detailed factors you should primarily consider before purchasing a foot massager;


 Different foot massagers have different features. For this reason, it’s important to think about your needs and requirements before getting one. 

 Features like intensity, target areas, and movement types you need to get from your massage are important to consider before making the purchase. 

 Some foot massagers provide relaxation massages, heat therapy to your feet, Shiatsu foot massage, TENS, or EMS, among many others. For the TENS and EMS foot massage therapy, you need to consult with your physician first before deciding on which one to get. 


 Before getting the foot massager for your needs, you also need to consider your budget. It’s good to get one that you can afford without setting yourself behind financially. There are many foot massagers out there that cost from less than $50 to hundreds of dollars. 

 The cheaper ones are often lightweight and use heat to perform foot massage therapy. However, the most expensive ones don’t also guarantee the best results. It’s more helpful to get a foot massager based on the features it offers before going for the price. Prioritize your needs first so that you can make the best choice. 


 A home foot massage should translate to a portable one. There is no need to purchase a huge foot massager for your home because you might need to dispose of it due to the limited space in your home sooner or later. 

 A home foot massager should be light enough to be carried from one point to another while also being firm and strong enough to hold a regular person’s weight. Before getting a foot massager, keep in mind how regularly you’ll use it and where you ought to store it. 

Benefits of foot massagers for your health

Improving blood circulation

blood circulation

 Due to the inactivity of most people’s lifestyles, they don’t utilize their feet muscles regularly. If your feet are inactive for the longest, it causes them to have an impaired circulation which is the last thing you need in your life. 

 For this reason, you require a foot massager for circulation because feet with bad circulation are ever cold and also can contribute to some unpleasant conditions such as chronic pains, blood clots, swelling, and even immobility. 

 However, regularly using a foot massager for circulation even for 10 minutes a day can ease this condition and ensure that oxygen is transported to the blood cells in your feet, and this betters your blood circulation. Blood circulation in the feet is often helpful, more so for people who have diabetes. 

– Control blood pressure

Control blood pressure

 Nowadays, high blood pressure can be caused by almost anything. From unhealthy diets to having a stressful job, everyone is always in danger of this condition. People who rarely do any exercises are at greater risk of having high blood pressure. 

 However, a recent study has shown that getting foot massages can reduce your stress levels and anxiety while also boosting your mood regularly. 

 This means if you have a job that maybe stresses you both mentally and physically, you can get a foot massage for maybe 10minutes a day after every two days, and you’ll be able to forget about stress at work.

– Relieving pain

 If you often suffer from headaches and migraines, reflexology treatment is something you should try. Getting reflexology foot massages can help your body lose some of these painful symptoms. 

 You can get rid of pains and aches such as migraines, headaches, lower and upper backaches, neck pain, among others, just by getting the relaxation that comes from that foot massage at the end of your day.

Boosting mental health

 If you’re suffering from depression or get pain attacks now and then, chances are you require a reflexology treatment that will ease your body and mind from any mental torment. 

 With a regular foot massage, you can touch some of the points that alleviate any depression or anxiety symptoms in your body. Applying pressure on these points on your feet will work even better for you. 

 Make it a point to get a foot massage even twice a week and see how your mental health with a much better shape than it is now.

Enhancing focus

 Foot massager for neuropathy works well in promoting the neurological functions of your body. A foot massager for circulation will help your brain enhance its functioning by stimulating serotonin and dopamine, which betters your brain activities. 

 This means that a regular massage can help enhance your brain activities and get you more focused on any work at hand for even better results.

Promotes better sleep

 The key component to any good sleep is a relaxed body and mind. Since a foot massager alleviates pain and aches in your body and gets rid of any stress and symptoms of depression, your guaranteed better sleep always. 

 Whenever you get that soothing foot massage, you’re able to fall asleep faster without strain.

Healthier feet

 A foot massage is a great way of keeping your feet in perfect condition with no sores or muscle stiffness of any kind. A foot massager also ensures that your ankles and feet are painless, strong, and flexible. 

 When you get regular foot massages, you’ll be guaranteed that your feet will stay healthy, and you won’t have to worry about any foot injuries, pain in your ankles, or any condition related to unhealthy feet. 

 Conditions such as inflammation caused by the feet tendonitis will be unheard of to you due to these feet messages

Prevents feet injuries

 When you massage your feet regularly, chances are you’ll not be suffering from any muscle soreness. Combining foot massages with exercises will help keep your feet muscles stronger, which will make it hard for you to get an injury. 

 Also, even if you picked up any injury, it will always heal in the shortest time possible and get you back feeling even better. This is because foot massages strengthen feet and ankles and make them even more flexible, which ensures even in our bad moments of clumsiness, we can still avoid picking up any bad injuries. 

Reduces edema among pregnant women

 Edema is a medical condition among pregnant women that involves the retention of fluids in their ankles and feet and happens mostly in their last trimester. 

 With plenty of rest and regular foot massages, this condition is entirely manageable. This will help eliminate the pressure and the discomfort they might feel while trying to walk or standing.

An Electric Foot Massager

 Among foot massagers, electric ones are the most common and widely used by people at their homes. This is because they’re a bit more convenient and offer a variety of features, unlike other types. 

 Electric foot massagers work by gently caressing and pressing your joints and muscles. The best thing about electric foot massagers is that they give you the freedom to choose the kind of massage you’d prefer at that moment. 

 You can decide if you’d prefer an air compressor-style or a rolling massage to your feet. Another thing is that you can get a foot massager with heat and intensity for your needs. All these are done by the use of a remote hence more convenience for the electric feet massagers. 

 However, it’s advisable that you go easy on your foot massager’s intensity, more so if you have a preexisting medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure.


 As seen from the above foot massager buying guide, there are lots of physical and mental benefits you stand to gain from a foot massager. 

 With a foot massager, you won’t need to spend much on professional massages. All you need to do is look up some of the details online about the different styles of feet massages.

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